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“VLCC Immuno Booster Therapy” is an intensive wellness program that triggers the body’s self - healing mechanism promoting immunity and improving overall well-being.

VLCC Immuno booster therapy is a latest and intensive program that focuses on complete wellbeing of the body by strengthening the body's immunity. Using a healing mechanism, the therapy comprises three sessions that promote internal as well as external Wellness.

With the power of Liver Compress Technique, progressive relaxation technique and breathing techniques, the therapy enhances immunity and promotes self-healing ability of the body. It improves the natural defense mechanism of the body to fight antigens and infections and also detoxifies the body. Craniosacral Reflexology session, a part of the therapy, ensures lymphatic drainage to aid weight loss. It further promotes blood circulation to maintain optimum nutrients & oxygen flow throughout the body that energizes the organs and improves lung, heart and muscle functionality. Components like epsom salt, karpooradi oil contain ajwain, camphor, arjuna and cardamom helps to rejuvenate and boost immunity.

Immuno Booster therapy is proven to improve energy levels by balancing Yin-Yang to make you active and strong. The therapy involves intense massage techniques that cleanses the body and promotes acid-base balance. Using the latest technology, massage techniques, dietary components and exercises, the therapy accelerates healing in the body, taking care of internal mismanagement like poor digestion, poor breathing, low energy levels, fatigue etc. the therapy further channelizes a healthy interaction between our immune system and the gut for optimum wellbeing.


  • Improved Gut Health
  • Mental and Physical Relaxation
  • Improved sleeping patterns and Circadian rhythm
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Lymphatic drainage and weight loss
  • Detoxification


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