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“VLCC Immuno Booster Therapy” is an intensive wellness program that triggers the body’s self - healing mechanism promoting immunity and improving overall well-being.

How it works?

The program comprises of three sessions along with dietary and activity recommendations-

  • Immuno Boost Therapy
  • Liver Compress Technique along with progressive relaxation technique and breathing exercise
  • Cranosacral Reflexology session with lymphatic drainage treatment

Key benefits

  • Enhance immunity and promotes self-healing ability of the body by improving the natural defence mechanism.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation and Lymphatic drainage boosting the blood circulation to maintain optimum nutrients & oxygen flow throughout the body. Thereby allowing lungs, heart and muscles to function efficiently.
  • Improves energy levels by balancing Yin-Yang (Positive and negative energy).
  • Cleanses the body and promotes acid base balance .
  • Improves Gut Health - A healthy interaction between our immune system and the gut is crucial to health.
  • Mental and Physical Relaxation – This therapy de-stresses by providing deep relaxation and body rejuvenation which further supports sleep patterns, Circadian rhythm and immunity.

Key Ingredients used during the therapy

  • Epsom salt is an important component to improve blood circulation and toxin drainage
  • Karpuradi oil contains ajwain, camphor, arjuna and cardamom which helps to rejuvenate and boost immunity.
  • Detox oil & Multivitamin oil – Is the concoction of all therapeutic oils like tree tea, juniper berry, pomegranate and antioxidant ingredients to support the immunity.

Eating well, exercising and sleeping adequate improve the power of immune system along with a simple act of correct breathing technique .The Immuno Boost Package is a way to strengthening the immune defence mechanism .We are committed to your Health & Wellness . Lets create a healthier tomorrow !


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