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Head to Toe Regular Beauty Packages

Making that first impression is so important in today’s time. Salon visits are no longer a girly thing to do. Whether as a college student, or as professional or as a home maker, we all want to make the best of impression in our social circles. Decently styled hair, clean pedicure/manicured hands and feet, clean, smooth face is just the basic hygiene.

Seasonal care is yet another part of the monthly essential. Summer beckons for skin tan solutions, winters need essential skin care. For rest of the year, bleach, facials, hands and feet clean up, waxing, shaving are bare minimum most of us look for. We often end up at a local salon to save cost and compromise with hygiene and ambience. Say no to dirty salons, condescending salon staff and cheap products. Walk in to a VLCC with most reasonable rates and professional care. Our wellness professionals are trained, to offer you the best of relaxing and rejuvenating experience you deserve.

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