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In 1950s, Professor Ericson, moved from Sweden to France. The biologist and researcher was a pupil of another well-known biologist and Nobel Laureate, Professor Alexis Carrel. Passionate about medicine and research, Professor Ericson worked in hospitals and specialized in burns surgery and the repair of damaged tissues. His meeting with his future wife opened new horizons. An esthetician by training, Mrs. Ericson was intrigued and Impressed by the skills of her husband. She requested him to treat some of her critical clients with skin problems. The couple opened in 1962 in Paris the first ERICSON Esthetic Care Center where Professor Ericson introduced the well known, Cellulotherapy.

On the French market, today the brand is distributed in 500 health centers chosen for their competence. Referenced by a large French hotel group, the brand is present in 6 thalassotherapy centers as a leading brand. Laboratoire Français, allows the marketing of care products with unique formulas, developed in specialized research units. ERICSON LABORATORY is today an International Care Concept distributed in about 60 countries. We at VLCC are extremely glad to have brought World Best Facial all the way from France to India. Experience L’affaire Luxe at a VLCC near you. BOOK Now!

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Our skin unfortunately does not always have that clear and limpid complexion that we would like to see. Over time or by its nature, it sometimes appears stained or darkened. Clarifying the skin and making it clear of all brands is possible today, even if it requires long-term treatment and very active care products.

Enhance the radiance of the complexion with PERFECTION, the lightening treatment program. Three special ingredients along with three active actions combined make these care products so effective.

  • The Genetic Action: the color of the skin is inscribed in the deepest of the genes and is genetically predefined. We sought to develop a complex capable of limiting the formation of new brown spots.
  • The Depigmenting Action: An intensive action makes it possible to work more on the surface, by lightening the spots already visible.
  • The Protective Action: The presence of sunscreens in many products of this line of care, helps protect and secure the skin against UV rays, permanently. PERFECTION effectively regulates the skin color and lighten the face, while correcting localized pigment spots.


was developed for women and men who want to effectively fight the signs of facial aging, without resorting to heavy and invasive surgical treatment, but preferring a natural result.

This is a specially adapted technique for treating fatty volumes migrating down the face and skin sagging around cheeks and chin.

The goal is to treat the sagging and loosening of the different areas of the face and repositioning the volumes.

The treated areas are:

  • Cheekbone
  • Jowls
  • Oval of the face


Intense regeneration treatment dedicated to mature skins as well as to devitalized skin, the professional fresh caviar treatment uses all the virtues of caviar to fight against premature aging.

This Caviar Fresh Cell Professional Extract represents Absolute Excellence. Aimed at all demanding women, it is the essential complement for ANTI-AGING treatment.

CAVIAR is a RARE and PRECIOUS substance rich in nutrients called YOLKS (from Latin "vita" meaning "life"), for the development and construction of vital structures.

The amazing action of caviar cells:

Assimilated by skin tissue, CAVIAR's fresh cells stimulate cell synthesis through their unique composition of metabolic precursors.

The basic lines of the line "MOISTURIZING, NUTRITION and TENSEUR" have been integrated in this treatment in 3 successive phases, to stimulate the cellular metabolism in depth and to bring the essential nutrients to the youth of the skin.


Our skin is damaged with age and aging accelerates. Skin ageing is largely a genetically induced phenomena. Indeed, our genes accompany us at any time of our life. No one ages in the same way, hence, this is a customized treatment meant to take care every person according to their own condition and problems.

GENXSKIN: A new sophisticated and effective skincare method to protect the skin and stimulate its vital functions. In the GENXSKIN treatment we will use all the energy potential of a powerful innovative agent, to stimulate the vital functions of the skin to restructure the beauty triangle.


Exfoliation helps to accelerate and induce skin regeneration.

This multi-action PEELING treatment is part of these new "skin health" technologies that radically improve the quality of skin tissues.

  • Mechanical action with immediate elimination of surface layers and dead cells
  • Instant results for smoothing and radiance in complexion
  • Long lasting biological action over several weeks activating tissue renewal.
  • Revitalizing action of skin cells and toning of the skin.
  • Lightening action stabilized on skin pigmentation.

This is very potent treatment with strong sensation and the result are immediately visible.

This treatment consulted for the following:

  • Cutaneous Atonia
  • Surface wrinkles
  • Residual scars
  • Pigment spots
  • Dull complexion
  • Excess of dead cells

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