• Slims and sculpts your body.
  • Smoothens skin, reduces appearance of cellulite.
  • Alleviates water retention, purges body of toxins.
  • Restores firmness to your body.
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I am a client of VLCC slimming. I availed the CurveXpert therapy, It was an amazing experience. I felt relax when bamboo salt was applied on the whole body. The full therapy led to whole body centimetres loss and also spot area reduction. Fantastic experience!





I underwent one session to CurveXpert therapy and felt relaxed. I lost 200gm weight, an overall loss of 13cm and 7cm loss from the tummy. It was a satisfying experience with the VLCC team.

Renu Mandovara




I have taken "Curve Xpert Therapy", and was very comfortable during the treatment . The results was amazing. I have lost overall 8 cam and especially from the abdomen I have lost 5 cm. I have 400gm weight loss. Thanks for the VLCC team who has suggested me this therapy. I will definitely recommend Curve Therapy to others.

Devyani Berse

T&C Apply

  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Zero % Interest, Zero Down payment available on Credit Cards
  • Financing available at Zero % Interest

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