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Body Tightening

Having a shapely body is a well talked about topic today. People all across the globe have been debating about body positivity. While what most people miss to realize is the fact that being comfortable in your own body is a relative feeling and that if you are comfortable no matter what is a rare altogether. The bigger concern in the agenda of body positivity is the matter of confidence it adds or deducts upon a certain state of affairs. Many keep cribbing about being fat and do nothing, many are sad that they are too thin and no clothes fit them well. VLCC is here for your body shaping needs with packages starting at a humble price.

The text book definition of body contouring or body shaping is to remove excess fat in specific areas after an individual has lost a significant amount or weight. The fat in question are residual fat that are left behind in specific areas in our body like the double chin. It is not always because one is obese, it could be fat in the specific area along with some loose skin. Experts here at VLCC specialize in treating specific areas:

Face Contouring

Double Chin Contouring

Abdomen Treatment

Arms Contouring

Thigh Trimming and Contouring

VLCC brings you the best of body shaping with 3 body trim sessions along with 2 sessions of bamboo magic weight loss. And that’s not all, you can have this offer availed to the best of your need by replacing bamboo magic sessions with 1 session of slimsonic or 1 session of Rejuve.

Shaping your confidence is just a booking away.

Customer Testimonials

VLCC stands up to it’s name! I am impressed with the services and I will come back again!

- Himani Rawat

Had an awesome experience with slimming and beauty services. The staff is very friendly

- Aditi Singh


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