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5 in 1 Express Program

In today’s environment and lifestyles our bodies have become more prone to everyday lifestyle diseases, obesity and stress. Hence, now it is important more than ever to be conscious of your health and body. In the daily rush of our lives and our routines, we are unable to take out time for things that are actually essential for you and your lives.

Keeping these in view, VLCC has introduced a 5 in 1 Express Program to bridge this gap between problem and solution through complete holistic wellness of body and mind. 5 in 1 Express Wellness Program aims to provide one stop solution for your complete lifestyle, diet, activity and therapeutic needs.

It comprises of 5 in 1 Advantages:

4 Weeks Diet Plan | 4 Weeks Activity Plan | Body Therapy | Pain Management | Detoxification

The idea behind this program is to provide:

  • Lifestyle management and overall wellness through well thought out and scientifically driven program that caters to your therapeutic needs
  • Diet consultation and exercise plan by a certified team (dieticians & physiotherapists)
  • Personalized diet and exercise regime after analyzing your body requirements that are done through BCA (Body Composition Analysis) and other biochemical parameters associated with medical history
  • Empowerment in terms of knowledge for setting up and maintaining their health goals throughout their life

The program is most suitable for you if you are:

  • Looking for ways to lose weight
  • Having a particular medical condition that resulted in weight gain and now want to maintain weight and also a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unable to visit the dietician/ nutritionist regularly due to time constraint
  • Having normal BMI with any medical condition such as Hypertension, Diabetes or Hyperlipidemia
  • Client's with high BMI, and are unable to spare time for passive exercise (i.e. using

So, head on to VLCC Centers near you and learn about effective weight and lifestyle management program with 5 in 1 Express Wellness Program- your one stop solution for your weight and healthy lifestyle needs.

T&C Apply

  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Zero % Interest, Zero Down payment available on Credit Cards
  • Financing available at Zero % Interest

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