• Fillers


    Dermal fillers, also known as "Injectables" or "soft-tissue fillers," do just wh...

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  • Botox


    BOTOX Cosmetic is a USA FDA-approved treatment that helps to temporarily treat ...

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  • Restalyne Vital

    Restalyne Vital

    Restylane Vital offers a brand new and fresh approach to skin rejuvenation. It ...

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  • Vampire Facial

    Vampire Facial

    VLCC Vampire Facelift is a fantastic innovation for anti-aging & facial rejuvena...

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  • MesoBotox


    MesoBotox aids in preserving the natural sheen of skin. Revitalizing the skin an...

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  • Gold Micro Botox

    Gold Micro Botox

    VLCC is glad to present to you the Revolutionary Gold Micro Botox a Semi Dermat ...

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