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In last three decades VLCC has not only revolutionized the way the beauty and wellness Industry works, the company’s workforce management is also something that is to be taken a note of. From nurturing talent to retaining talent, VLCC knows how to take care.

We are one of the most gender neutral employers that there is. Our policies and recruitment takes great care in equal opportunity.

Equal pay, equal opportunity and zero cases of sexual harassment is what we are proud of.

We invite you to work with us and experience the difference.


Reports To:
Area Head / Regional Head
Location :
Delhi NCR, UP, Punjab, Jaipur

Key Responsibilities

  • To manage and run the Centre as an independent profit centre and meet with sales revenue and profit targets
  • To Plan and execute various Sales & Marketing activities for achieving Sales and Centre targets.
  • To promote the Centre and its services & ensure proper handling of walk-ins, counselling prospective clients and Converting enquiries to bookings
  • To recruit and hire requisite staff and induction.
  • To ensure proper service execution and delivery.
  • To review the appointment planner for proper utilisation of infrastructure, appliances and staff.
  • To interact with suppliers & vendors.
  • To manage cash flows/receivables/payables.
  • To strategize & undertake revenue generating activities.
  • To tie up/coordinate all support functions.
  • To maintain files/records/databanks.
  • To know & study the general market, industry & competition.
  • To ensure high quality of service and ensure high satisfaction level from clients


  • Sop’s: To ensure adherence & compliance to standard operating procedures at all times and to also ensure that standards are driven while providing ownership value.
  • To oversee achievement of budgeted sales target every month & offer timely advice to team to review strategies & generate sales more effectively.
  • Events: To review in consultation with Area Head/Regional Headfor events/promotions planned, local ads to be released and unique packages formulated to match variety of budgets in order to create & drive awareness about VLCC as slimming, beauty & fitness brand.
  • To support any other marketing activities promoted by the marketing department at the corporate.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of yield/capacities in the centre and systems to ensure revenues are maximized and provide feedback.
  • To oversee duty roster & identify staff capable of carrying out multitasks for further training.
  • To ensure cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of the centre

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that the staff attrition does not overshoot of 2% per annum.
  2. In addition to the above mentioned duties and job function, to carry out any other assignment given occasionally by the Head Operations and Management.
Reports To :
Centre Head
Location :
Delhi NCR, UP


  • Performing the role of a leader and in co-ordination with the Centre Head, allocation of individual sales targets to the Centre Sales team as well as individual employees aiming towards the achievement of centre’s sales target.
  • To be well conversant with the Slimming & Beauty Services / Treatments / Appliances / Products and make constant effort to update one’s knowledge on products and services being offered by Company and Competitors in order to handle queries with regard to package formulation and pricing and prepare the Centre team to deal with these issues as well.
  • To strategize, plan and execute events for creating awareness and enhancing sales on the basis of market segment focusing on the specific service / product to be promoted in consultation with the Center Head.
  • As per Corporate Guidelines organizing sponsors for the various events being conducted in the centre.
  • To take guidance from the respective professionals for in depth technical explanations and formulation of scientific customized package aiming towards result oriented service delivery.
  • To attend & monitor the enquiries both telephonic and walk ins and make sure that they are handled professionally and authentically and to co-ordinate with the GRE and sales executives for the requisite follow-ups
  • To monitor and execute the discount policies as specified by the Corporate and to train the staff to quote and negotiate prices by offering alternate programs suitable as per individual requirement and budget constraints.
  • To make personal sales visit to Corporate, Business houses to organize events for generating Walk Ins / Booking clients and for corporate tie-ups.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction and customer delight with respect to all services/ products/ and sustenance of results.
  • To ensure that all the customer complaints are promptly and professionally attended at the centre level.
  • To follow-up on irregular clients both in Slimming & Beauty for improving regularity.
  • To ensure that Zero Sessions of booked clients are conducted within the time frame specified as per SOP and appointments with respective professionals are fixed accordingly.
  • To ensure regular monitoring and follow-up of SMS data / Call Centre escalated queries / Alive Chat mails and any other marketing initiatives taken by the marketing department at the corporate from time to time.
  • To constantly upgrade oneself so as to achieve the progression level as per the multitasking / up gradation planner


  1. To carry out market research, competitor and customer surveys
  2. To carry out formal presentations of products and services, attend promotional markets and organize product displays
  3. To perform outdoor duties or any other job assigned by the Corporate from time to time.


  • Self-driven, team player, result-oriented with a positive outlook
  • Clear focus on high quality and business profit
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills,
  • Persuasive, confidence in sales and marketing, flair to close sales, courteous, enjoys challenges, fit and healthy



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