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Royal Groom

The look features all styles of Indian traditional mens outfit. The hair is styled softly, with a natural sheen. The make-up conceals blemishes and highlights the contours of the facial structure. The lips are given a natural, healthy pink look. The eyebrows and lashes are also groomed to complement the regal demeanor.

Another style on feature is the use of mens traditional jewellery such as necklaces, strings of pearls, gold or precious stones. Other accessories like rings and other traditional pieces are also incorporated to complete the look.

Beauty Treatments

Contemporary Groom

This suave and sophisticated look for the Groom is suitable for all formal functions. The Contemporary Groom look goes well with a formal suit. Accessories such as tie with a gold tie-pin, cufflinks, ring and other jewellery is used to complete the whole look.

The make-up is understated and the hair is worn neat with appropriate styling products.

Bride Makeup