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How VLCC Works

“A condition of good physical, mental and social health, is achieved and maintained by proper diet, exercise and lifestyle management”

Our present day busy lifestyle has made good health a concept that is universally desired. At VLCC, we endeavor to turn this desire into an achievable state of healthy living, by offering a harmonious blend of the latest scientific technologies along with nutritional and lifestyle counseling in leading a happy, healthy and stress free life.

Get to know our Professionals

We understand that a universal “one-size-fits-all program”, can never help an individual achieve complete wellness. Therefore, we arrange for a zero session that brings to you the expertise of our team of highly qualified professionals that include doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, counselors, physiotherapists, nurses, therapists, beauty experts and dermatologists who holistically implement highly customized programs, formulated just for you.


We understand your specific needs

Many of you will not be aware of an underlying Medical Condition if present but during the course of the programme, we will help in discovering and improving the same.

Permanent weight loss can be achieved only once the underlying reasons of obesity are identified and acknowledged. To offer you a program that takes care of weight loss while addressing all your health concerns, we conduct a complete Body Composition analysis for each of our client’s as a pre-requisite. This analysis gives us an insight into the gross distribution of the various elements of your body, helping us decode your Body Compositions in terms of water, fat (including Visceral fat) and lean body mass. Our team of qualified professionals also takes an overview of all the associated risks and coexisting medical problems, social and personal situations and precipitating factors that may be related to your weight gain. This information helps set the guidelines for formulating an appropriate and feasible program that achieves weight loss while promoting wellness for you.

DNA: Each of us has a unique DNA make-up which determines our tendency to gain or lose weight. It is this difference in the genetic structure which explains why two individuals enrolling for the same slimming package sometimes obtain different results from it even if their body composition, lifestyles, and dietary habits are more or less similar. DNA SLIMTM is a custom-fit solution and the answer for all those who have been seeking a scientific, individualized weight loss, weight reduction program that offers speedy, yet sustainable results.
Genetic studies have now validated the importance of genes by demonstrating that diets customized to genes are likely to be 2-3 times more effective in weight management than those which are not.


Evaluation of the Client: Normal / Overweight / Obese Category



  • Chronological history of Weight gain and body weight
  • Response to previous weight loss attempts
  • Understanding of how body weight is regulated
  • Perceptions of how Body Weight affects Health
  • Expectation of weight management program
  • Lifestyle, including diet and physical activity patterns
  • Social history (occupation, travel, home environment)
  • Family history
  • Psychiatric and psychologic history ( binge eating disorder, bulimia, body image disturbance)
  • Medication history
  • System review
  • Motivation and readiness

Physical Examination

  • Body weight and height measured (without shoes)
  • Waist circumference is measured
  • Use of appropriate blood pressure cuff
  • Remainder of examination dictated by routine practice and assessment of risk factor

Laboratory Investigations depending on the Medical condition

  • Lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • Fasting blood glucose
  • TSH
  • Prolactin
  • Hb AIC
  • hsCRP
  • PCOS Profile
  • Others

Weight loss programs focused only at lowering the scales offer short term solutions to dealing with weight loss. At VLCC, we aim at a complete turnaround in lifestyle that steadily conditions you to make healthier choices. Only a permanent change in lifestyle can lead to lifelong wellness. We also consult family physicians in order to analyze the complete medical background of individuals in order to achieve effective and sustained weight loss.

Active and Passive Activities

With stressful living and a sedentary lifestyle being the leading causes of undesirable weight gain, VLCC advocates the introduction of both active as well as passive activities to facilitate desirable changes in your body weight.

Active Exercises

Most of you would know of the beneficial effects regular exercise has on losing weight; however, its advantages are not limited to weight loss. While exercise helps reduce stored body fat by converting it into energy, it also helps build endurance, flexibility, balance and strength to enable as active a lifestyle as possible. It is one of the best ways to keep fit as one ages.

Being mindful of the above benefits, our experienced physiotherapists carefully design and monitor physical activity patterns after a preliminary assessment of your health status and needs.. We recommend activity patterns according to your DNA based report, age, medical condition and lifestyle. These exercises combine postural training, cardiovascular training, flexibility and muscle strengthening exercises. We include relaxation techniques for everyone; however co-ordination and balance exercises are included as per an individual’s needs and latest protocols.

Passive Activity Patterns

Our Passive Activity component is an integral part of the Weight loss programme. This not only helps in acting as a catalyst for achieving the desired Weight loss  but also depending on the type of Appliance / Therapy being given, it helps in skin tightening and toning of muscles.

Our state of the Art Appliances offer a varied range of services. Based on the individual needs, the “DNA Slim programme” is customized and formulated. This includes specifying the type of Appliance / Therapy to be included in the individual’s Slimming programme.

Clients say

*Hello Team,
I am Client of VLCC .Recently I was tired cool sculpting on my arms. I can feel the difference in my arm. Result was I am Happy.

Thank you VLCC

I. Esther Violet

*Hello Team, I am Client of VLCC .Recently I was tired View Full →
* Hi this is a sharen Jaret. I have been VLCC for Past one Month. In that itself I got very good Result. My more Concern for my inner Thighs. So I took Cool Sculpting It was very good Result.

Thank you VLCC

P.Sharon Jaret

* Hi this is a sharen Jaret. I have been VLCC for Past View Full →

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Terms & Conditions Apply. Results may vary from person to person depending on medical history, age, gender and lifestyle.