Deepali Tapadia

*I have reduced 5 kg of my weight in 1 n half month n im very happy with my transformation. ..Thank u team Aurangabad VLCC



*very much satisfied with cellular matrix and fillers service at Vlcc Ahmadabad



*good service for hair cut at Vlcc Ahmadabad

Dr.Amal chowdhury

*session is so good,so deciplined and well decorated whole thing..

mrudula vaidya

*It was nice experience with VLCC.

Tapasi pal chowdhury

*i have taken ayurveda session at howrah...feeling good

Roma k. Hirenath

*Curve Expert was nice and relaxing and Weight losses is becaming less

Akkama S T

*Feeling good , Light body , Relaxing about Curve therapy

Kainla lalan

*I have been a client of VLCC from 12 years. One of the few therapies that can be recommended is friend/family , it's a new therapy called Curve Therapy launch by VLCC recently. it's a 90 therapy where at the end of you can feel the result with cm loss. It's quite relaxive and I personally feel it's the price. The therapist who gave me the therapy (Ramya JP Nagar) is too good. She has a lot of patience and are good. the therapy is lath .

Mega pramod

*I have joined VLCC in June .started at 83 kgs and Know I am into 81 kgs and started up.for long time and after 1 month break same to my original weight and tried with new unused expert therapy and lost 1.1 kg in one session and was very happy which made me feel better and relax flexible with the Body.


*I have taken Curve Expert treatment at VLCC myself. I did not notice any deistic charge in the Result when compare to other treatment s as I could loose only 300 g.m,I think this program will not help me much. Thank you

Rose Kunder

*I am an old Client of VLCC Kandivali was suggested new therapy (Curve therapy –a combination therapy).A very good Treatment I loved it .Do not go on other saying. Give it a try.


*The Curve Expert therapy I did was very good. I felt smoothness in my skin by the Salt which was used . Inch loss also I felt and my old chess fitted me. The aroma of the oil and all products was good. Finally, it is a good therapy for me. Thank you.

C.R. Subramanian

*I am Subramanian. R I have been using VLCC Service for past 3 Months. I am seeing the good improvement in my body. I have tired curve expert therapy and I have lost 700 gm weight loss and full body 15cm. I am so happy for session .it is the biggest Confidence Boster. Thanks for support us.

Praseela Elangover

*Hi, My Experience with Curve Expert 3D was extremely satisfying. I have so far undergone a few sitting only and there few showed very positive Results.


*Hi, I am Loyola. I am VLCC Client for about 8 month now. the service given is awesome. The therapist and adviser are good. They give the right advice. I have a reduce a lot.i did the curve expert therapy just one sitting and found it really good .the combination of insta Tone and 3D is awesome. it gives great Results. Thanks to VLCC teams.

P.Sharon Jaret.

*Hi this is a sharen Jaret. I have been VLCC for Past one Month. In that itself I got very good Result. My more Concern for my inner Thighs. So I took Cool Sculpting It was very good Result. Thank you VLCC

I. Esther Violet

*Hello Team, I am Client of VLCC .Recently I was tired cool sculpting on my arms. I can feel the difference in my arm. Result was I am Happy. Thank you VLCC

Ms. Harshada Wisawe

*"I would like to give my feedback  for the Instatone therapy. I have taken the therapy, my overall experience was very good, as it helped me to loss 15 cm overall. The different type of products & mousse used for the therapy was really very different from other therapies which I have taken so far. The staff and services was overall very satisfactory. Would like to recommend this to my friends & family as well".

Smita Samay

*"I am satisfied with VLCC's Instatone therapy. With this therapy I lost 400 gms. and 9cm in total. The best part of this therapy is no machine work".