• Basti:
    •     Relieve aches and pains, reduce inflammation & stiffness.
    •     Improves mobility of joints.
    •     Detoxifies and anti ageing
  • Shirodhra:
    •     Relaxes, de-stresses.
    •     Treats insomnia & migraine.
    •     Reduces hair fall.
  • Khizi:
    •     Reduces stiffness of joints, pain and swelling.
    •     Relaxes and detoxifies the body.
  • Abhyangam:
    •     Enhances Immunity, fights ageing.
    •     Detoxifies and relieves water retention
  • Udwartnam:
    •     Sculpt and firm the body, reduce weight.
    •     Relaxes and Detoxifies and relieves water retention.
  • Kaivalyam, Sayujyam:
    •     Cleanses, Scrubs and rejuvenates the body.
    •     Improves dull pigmented skin.
  • Mukhlepam:
    •     Anti ageing, anti tan therapy for a glowing and younger skin.
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