Franchise Requirements

Franchise Requirements

What does it take to become a VLCC Franchisee?

VLCC is looking for sincere, enterprising and passionate Franchise Partners who can be right custodians for the Brand and for the VLCC’s core values and objectives.

Our selection procedure consists of interviewing, evaluating and assessing candidates on the basis of their motivation level and commitment.

The basic Franchise requirements are the 3 C’s:


Capital is one of the most important ingredients to unfurl any business venture. Likewise, an initial investment/capital is required to roll out an impressive VLCC Centre that compliments the standards of quality maintained by the brand worldwide. Without  appropriate capital, momentum may be lost and the entire business will be put to risk.

Certain basic requirements for setting up a VLCC center which will need an initial investment include:

  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Equipment and Appliances
  • Office and Clinic Fittings



Without committing to the vision and objectives of a business no venture can become successful. The health and beauty sector is no different. It is an industry that approaches all the services scientifically and thus, requires constant managerial attention, a mid to long-term view on the business, along with daily focus on details to be able to give customers a memorable experience.


The best of systems are useless without a competent team to support them. This is why VLCC guarantees and provides a tried and tested training curriculum for all franchisees. Following the system and training curriculum is the most reliable formula to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction that is at par with VLCC standards and gets repeat business.

VLCC provides standard operating procedures for every aspect of the business and assures support to its franchisees.

As VLCC encourages first time business entrepreneurs,  all you need is commitment and motivation to become a part of the VLCC family.