A 'Salad Only' Diet Might Trim Your Friend's Waistline.
But May make no Difference to Yours.
DNA Based weight loss gives 2-3 times better results.
Research conducted at the world-renowned Stanford University, USA, has shown that we can lose 2-3 times more weight with a DNA matched diet compared to a traditional diet.

The study involved 101 women who participated in the study were assigned to four different diets over a one year period. Subsequently, a DNA analysis was conducted and the women were divided into groups according to genotype. The study found that those on a diet which matched their genotype lost 2-3 times more weight over 12 months compared to others.
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A scientific weight loss program based on your DNA
Long Lasting
CE Certified
No Side Effect
Administered by Doctor
Your DNA lays the foundation of your body's functioning
7 billion of us live in the same world. We breathe the same air and wake up to the same sun. But there is one thing that makes us unique - our DNA, which is why now presenting VLCC DNA SlimTM - a paradigm shift in weight management.

VLCC DNA SlimTM program is the very latest technique, based on your DNA analysis, which helps us customize your weight loss program with a far greater accuracy than was ever possible before. This technique brings in laser sharp focus while designing a diet 7 exercise regime which is best suited for you based on your genetic profile. This results in helping you lose weight up to 2-3 times faste
DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) is a chemical molecule present in all our cells and is responsible for directing body functions and structure.
Studies have shown that genetics account for 40-70% of a person's pre- disposition to obesity. With DNA screening you can comprehend your genetic make-up and understand.
DNA screening is recommended for all ages. This is a once in a lifetime test, as the gene variation screened will never change throughout your lifetime.
A simple cheek swab is all that is required for DNA based genetic screering. This is a non-invasive test and is neither a blood nor a urine test.
What you will discover?
  • The most suitable diet for weight loss-Low Fat/Low Carbohydrate/Balanced diet
  • Your need for exercise in terms of type, intensity, time duration and body's response to specific exercises
  • Predisposition to lifestyle disorders
VLCC Experts will use cutting edge technology to create a DNA based personalized diet & exercise regime, which will help in adapting and responding to the weight loss program much faster and maintaining it thereafter based on your weight regain potential.